Keep Hope Alive!

I was up at the Summit House 2 nights ago.  Walking down alone in extreme darkness was a trippy experience (get it?) that I don’t recommend.  I was surprised at how much snow there was on the back traverse to Lucky Shot.  I’d gone up via the Sunnyside Road to check out the swanky, new, fresh-smelling (woo-hoo!) mountain top bathrooms and didn’t see much snow at all.  But coming down the back traverse there was actually enough snow to make some turns.  Hollow and rotten, perhaps, but turns none-the-less!  So if any of you Turns All Year consecutive-monthers expect being too busy with upcoming holiday festivities to get your required December trip in, you can knock off a good 30-40 turns before the road ends under Powder Bowl!   And the weekend snow should make it all that much sweeter!

Then, I got dosed with a blast of man-made (no women were present) snow when I walked past the snowmaking guns in The Meadow on the way down.  It made me wonder if I was the only one in Washington who got face shots  that day.  Gotta keep the hope alive!

Hikers & Ski-Tourers:  As snow starts to accummulate, please remember that until resorts actually start to load customers’ butts in chairs, there may be no avalanche control work done–avalanche hazard may exist at any time AND/OR heavy machinery and explosives use may be in-progress without warning.  Be careful out there!

One thought on “Keep Hope Alive!

  1. Kyle Cressman

    Its official!
    Are you going to let people tour onto the upper mountain?
    CM REPLY 12-12-08: Yes, it’s official! And yes, you may tour to upper-mountanin but please be aware that the coverage up top is still minimal. We need at least another foot of snow to open the upper lifts and terrain.


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