WELCOME TO THE 2008-2009 SEASON!!! – Sort of. 


Greetings from Pro Patrollers’ Purgatory—that agonizing time of year between the end of the summer job, and when enough snow falls for the ski area to open. This year we’re enjoying it (that’s sarcasm!) a bit longer than in the last few seasons, but this gives me time to get started on this BRAND NEW Ski Patrol Blog! I hope you’ll check back from time to time, as our intent is to provide you with a little insider information from a Patrol perspective—things like: 

  • Favorite hidden powder stashes we need tracked up and compacted to reduce avalanche hazard,
  • Terrain we anticipate opening as steep/rocky areas get filled in with snow,
  • Accident/injury trends we notice and suggestions for avoiding them,
  • Unusual snowpack characteristics and local backcountry avalanche activity we hear of,
  • And who knows what else! 

There’s also a “Comments” section so you can ask questions about Crystal Mountain’s procedures, policies, rules, etc. If you’re wondering about what food is served in the restaurant or how firm the beds are in the hotels, we probably can’t help much–though we’re glad to pass-on your comments.   But if you want to know which brand of beer a particular Avi Dog handler prefers you treat them to when you catch ‘em at the bar, you’ve come to the right place! 


Blog addicts please take noteThose of us who’ve chosen to live and work in the mountains generally have these pesky brain chemicals that drive us outdoors and away from sitting in front of the computer whenever possible. So please don’t feel snubbed if your question isn’t answered right away, especially when it’s snowing hard and we have a lot of other work to do! Skier/boarder safety, avalanche control and helping patients are always going to come first! 


I hope you’ll stay tuned… 

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Cardog100 at TAY

    What are the chances that there will be more than a “limited opening” this weekend, 12/13-14? Will there be control work on the upper mountain on Saturday, so that terrain beyond mid-mountain could open? Such would be VERY nice indeed.
    CM REPLY 12/12/08: At least another foot of snow is needed before we can safely open upper-mountain. I wish it was because of control work but right now we are actually waiting for more snow. Because of the steepness, upper-mountain needs more snow than the lower mountain to get good coverage. We plan to open more lifts/terrain as the snow continues to fill in.


  2. S. Timpe

    Lynnie, rescue dog, Schurman and Pro-Patrolers! Great Photo heading! 🙂 Thanks for all Pro-Patrol EXPERTISE AND EFFORTS on behalf of EVERY SOUL’S interest in the INCREDIBLE MOUNTAINS! HAPPY SCHOOSHING AND *LET IT SNOW* LET IT SNOW* LET IT SNOW*


  3. Nathan Wilson

    What is the policy on the new no-boards? Snow boards without bindings, a rope on the front that is held onto and a runaway strap for falls. I am interested in trying this out. Thanks.


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