Almost There!

We spent the day setting up parts of the Forest Queen for opening tomorrow and it’s great to be back on skis again! 

I’m still trying to figure out this Blog-thing, so bear with me.  A couple comments came in about touring and more-extensive opening tomorrow.  So I’ll say this:

As of this morning, things were looking pretty grim.  But snow started to fall and things are looking better.   If we can open more terrain this weekend, we will–we want to get all the new snow we can, stomped down into a stable base!  But it may be that we can’t.  The "can’t" may be due to not enough snow and too many hazards that you can’t see but can still smack in to.  Or, the "can’t" may be due to butt-loads of new snow and the need to do avalanche control work, including the use of explosives. 

In either case, if the "No Hiking" signs are out then we need ya’ to stick to what’s open.  Sorry I can’t be more definite, but it’s just a little too hard to predict what things will be like 12 hours from now, so early in the season.  We’ll see if the wind gods plan to pick up our snowpack and go party with it in Mount Rainier National Park–or if they leave it around for us to play in!

Keep in mind that even with a pretty blanket of new snow, early season conditions exist.  That pretty blanket could very well hide sharp pokey things and unusual dips and divots that can hurt you!  So this is a good weekend to leave the aggro behind, keep your eyes peeled, exercise a little extra caution and enjoy the skiing/riding!   I mean c’mon–where else ya’ gonna go?

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