What a Week!

I’m being told that true blog-o-philes don’t like it when you go too many days without posting something, and I’ve been trying like crazy to get access to the internet to do so.

I don’t know if you heard, but the phones (both cellular and land lines) were conked out for a couple days at Crystal and in Greenwater.  Many thanks to TV’s patroller Devin Platt for lending his cell phone so we could have one bar of outside-contact signal strength from the summit during the outage.  Then there was some kind of freaky power surge that blew out a lot of people’s electronic equipment and toasted my DSL modem.   I’ve tried to write something while at work but the almost-daily avalanche control work, the gobs of snow to shovel, and the hearty holiday crowds have kept things too busy to justify even a brief break for a little keyboarding!  Then a huge tree crashed down on top of my car on the way to work, but that’s a future post.  (I’m fine–the car, not so much!)

RUN OF THE WEEK:  Parking Lot B!!!  —  It’s nearly 1/4-mile long with EIGHT FEET of vertical rise!!!  Judging from all the skinny skiers schussing between the cars, it appears to be skiing GREAT!

I’m being facetious, here.  Or is that sarcastic?  I can never keep those straight.  In any case, the ‘safety’ tip to take away is this:  The ski runs terminate at the Lodge.  When you ski/ride on pedestrian walkways and in parking lots, you glaze the surface which makes them slippery for people walking.  And occasionally, some of you fall down and either take people out, or slide into the path of moving vehicles.  You don’t do THAT twice, do you?    Please, abide by the "No Skiing/Riding Beyond This Point" signs!  It’ll make you more popular.

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