Current Conditions at Crystal and on 410

My husband and I made it up 410 this afternoon.  It wasn’t pretty.  There is an undercut section of the road near the Sweetwater Spring.  Further along, we forded through a creek that has flowed over the road.  The water came up to the top of our tires.  There are three mudslides within Federation Forest, each one a little dicier than the next.  Fortunately, the DOT was on the scene and had plowed a muddy water way through.  Just beyond Greenwater, there is yet another mudslide, which looked like a few scrapes of a front loader could clear pretty easily.

They are hoping to get the road open sometime tomorrow.  We have our fingers crossed.  Once we got up to Crystal, we were pleasantly surprised.  The trees are covered with snow again.  There’s 20 inches up high and 4-5 inches in the Base Area.  Once we get open, it should be good.  The patrollers that can get up here are going out tomorrow to do avalanche control in anticipation of reopening Saturday morning.  By then things should be all back to normal.  Whatever that means in a year like this. 

Also, for those of you wanting to hear from Corey, he is currenty unable to connect to the internet.  The phones are down in Greenwater and his DSL line is defunct.  I live up at the ski area and am graced by the use of the generator.  He should be back on line in the next few days.


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