South Back Book

Kim K. mentioned the "unofficial" guide book to the South Backcountry that some guys did for their high school senior project last year.  For those who wrote in asking about going out South for the first time, here a little more dope on that: 

The guide books aren’t an official product of Crystal Mountain, but they are pretty cool.  I want to reiterate Kim’s suggestion that you NOT go South without someone familiar with the terrain until you get your bearings out there.  Three-Way Peak is a deceptive terrain feature.  Passing behind it leads you NOT back to Crystal as it appears, but rather down to Highway 410 toward Yakima.  Hiking back up is arduous;  rescue, if possible, may be slow and costly to you!   The Safety Pages on Crystal Mountain’s website have more detail about boundary policies and backcountry safety.

I noticed the guide books are available for sale at Wapiti Woolies in Greenwater.  I wanted to give the Grubbs a shout-out for providing many of us a place of warmth, communication and caffeination during the recent power-phone-internet outages.  They’re avid backcountry skiers and carry a great assortment of technical gear & clothing in addition to gifts, sweet hats and espresso drinks!   Stop by and watch baby Ellie unroll all the bubble wrap while Grandma and Grandpa are busy helping customers!

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