Lower Northway

Peter had this comment:

What is the deal with Lower Northway these days? The new trail map says it is inside the boundary but with no shuttle service, the signs on the mountain at the intersection with Otto Bahn say "Ski Area Boundary." Is it okay to ski it and get picked up in a private vehicle? If it is truly outside the ski area boundary, shouldn’t you stop counting 3,100 feet as Crystal’s vertical rise? Isn’t 2,612 feet now the actual vertical from the top of the king to the base lodge?

And Corey has this response:

Lower Northway is within Crystal’s permit area but outside the area we actively manage.  We don’t have rules restricting your going there (which is why there’s an opening in the ropeline for you to scootchie through) but once you do you’re beyond our "care":

No hazard markings, No avalanche control, No Patrol.  Keep a partner in sight.  Shovel, Probe and Transceiver (and knowledge of and practice in their use) recommended.  The road may not be plowed so you may have to walk back out to the boulevard. 

I know the lines on the map and the signs in the snow don’t exactly line-up.  And actually, I’ve been working on revisions of both, but wasn’t hurrying much because I can’t imagine anyone would be inconvenienced by the way it is currently.  Let me know if I’m missing something, though!


Regarding the "statistics" part of the question:


Aaaaagh!  Calculator buttons hard to push with mittens on!  Numbers make patroller head hurt!  Make it stop!  Make it stop!  Patroller need fresh air and sunshine!!!!  

(I don’t think anything’s changed.)


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