Fast and Firm

I had to do something I really hated yesterday.  I had to pull passes from two really nice young men who were going a little to fast for conditions, accidently collided, and took out a young woman HARD! as they slid to a stop. 

So this is just a little head’s-up:  on clear days when the visibility is good and the snow conditions are fast, it’s easy to get going faster than you can stop.  Remember, Washington’s law says we shall not collide with other people or objects.  That doesn’t mean you can’t fall down…it just means you gotta plan so that IF you fall down, you don’t hurt yourself or anybody else.  Ya’ gotta create maximum space as you overtake people and ski/ride close to things.

Ski conditions will continue to be fast and firm (air conditions will be sunny and warm) for a bit, so be careful out there! 

2 thoughts on “Fast and Firm

  1. Scotsman

    I agree with pulling tickets from people skiing too fast and out of control but I also think you need to do more to educate skiers and snowboarders(snowboarders especially) who sit down at the top of runs or just below rollovers right in the fall line.
    They create terrible problems and accidents.
    I have seen the safety patrol standing at a slow sign shouting to riders to slow down when 50′ away there’s a whole bunch of people sitting in the fall line at or just below the slope. They need to educate and move these people off to the side.
    Thanks for having a forum where I can discuss this.


  2. Phil

    I also agree, but I don’t think this is predominantly a snowboarder thing, as implied by the previous post. I think if you look with an unbiased eye, you will notice skiers doing exactly the same thing, the only difference is, they are standing up. I skied for the last 30 years, but now I both board and ski so I understand how easy it is to be biased. I too used to think it was a snowboarder thing, but there are just as many inconsiderate people in both camps.


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