Be of good cheer!

The weather is finally changing and it looks like we’re getting our ski area back from the gods of warmth and dryness.  (Bad gods, BAD!)  As much as I’ve liked basking in the sun (it’s been sunny at Crystal while it’s been foggy in town) it’s great to see some snow returning. 

I thought this was as good a time as any to pass on the comment below.  Be nice to each other, OK?  It costs you nothing except the opportunity to think of yourself as some kind of victim.  You can be cranky without getting into all the high drama of being a jerk to others, by taking life’s little "speedbumps" in-stride.  We patrollers hate having to break up fights like the one it sounds nearly resulted from the following:

On January 5, 2009 at about eleven o’clock in the morning my friend E. and I were traversing the main bowl of Campbell Basin under Throne Chutes.  I was following two people, E. was following me, we were all about 20 feet apart.  All of a sudden a young skier came up very close behind E. bumping him and saying, "Hurry up!  If you can’t go any faster go back to the bunny hill". E. who could not go any faster because he was following me and the people in front of me put up with these comments a couple times then decided to turn and bust the young punk in the mouth. The young punk skier pulled back in fear with more chicken comments, he then skied off knowing he would have got his ass kicked if E.would have got a hold of him. This is the worst example of skiing incompetence and lack of etiquette I have ever seen. E. and I have been skiing at Crystal since we were ten years old and we are now fifty. We’re all just here to have fun and ski pow; if you are in a huge hurry maybe you should be in a ski competition if you are good enough. If you could include a blurb about this in your ski patrol blog it would be appreciated. Thank you.


Be of Good Cheer!

One thought on “Be of good cheer!

  1. young punk's

    If this was even close to the truth! I was one of the “young punk skier”. Your buddy E exploded off of one comment of “hurry up” when you are on a traverse and the key is speed to get to the other side. If you want to be gazing at the beauty of the mountain please step out of the line of fire to let others go by. Please try and have your friend control his rage. He was very out of line and also in the wrong. So like we told you that day calm down and just have fun.


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