warnings at the bottom of High Campbell



So Sunday, for a half-hour I was the guy designated to stand at the bottom of High Campbell and warn people of trecherous conditions up top.  It was about 1pm, so at least I was able to greet people with "have you been down this yet today?" and wave-on those who were doing laps.  Still, I could tell I was irritating some people by even asking just THAT!

This robust, athletic looking guy skis up and says, "It’s dangerous up there!  This lift shouldn’t even be open!, and some other angry stuff" before skiing off down Queen’s Run. 

A few minutes later a couple old guys on old gear roll up with a big bunch of little kids.  They were all hootin’ and hollerin’ about how great Powder Bowl was and how they were luvin’ going ’round & ’round.  CMAC (I think) and the Snow Performance program had the same thing going on with a bunch of kids on the Campbell Basin side. 

So THIS occurrs to me:  When we (Ski Patrol or Safety Patrol) are down there "talking to people", as you roll up to the lift line let us know if you’ve been cycling ’round & ’round and enjoying it.  Tell us where you went and how it was.  We can pass-on your "trip report" so others can decide if they want to go up, and we won’t take your time up with yet another "talk".   Just a thought.


And please, bear with our questions.  The number of lift-downloaders who are in over their heads at the top of the lift indicates they’re not paying attention or reading our signs.  The consequences if they get by us and start down the mountain could be even worse!

5 thoughts on “warnings at the bottom of High Campbell

  1. Bruckie

    To Crystal Ski Patrolers…forgive them folks, they know not what they do.
    You do a great job, you are dealing with a lot of uptight people these days, more so than ever. The snow is half of last year and the world in the Valleys is not pretty, making some less than polite. Pay them no heed. We love ya.


  2. Greg

    Thanks for reminding us all that we can all help improve the skiing experience by simply sharing!
    I know.. no one wants to give away the perfect stash of powder – but simply letting people know xyz is icy or rocky can help us all make better choices.
    Thanks for all that you do for all of us!!


  3. Nick

    Thanks guys for taking the time to stand there and warn everyone. It may be annoying to some, but if it keeps beginners off the lift, and out of danger, then it’s fine by me.


  4. Nudibranch

    What warranted patroller presence in addition to the clearly marked expert-only signs? Crystal’s ski-sky interfaces do not usually attract pelagic species.


  5. fischer

    The only problem i have with speed control is the one going to cattle crossing(broadway is the named run). How are you supposed to get across there when your going 5 mph? It should be put above a little higher coming from bottom of Iceburg or whatever the heck its called now. I just hate to see every boarder having to walk a hundred yards and waste about 5-10 minutes just to get to forest queen, and im even a skier!


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