don’t let bluebird days suck!

I hate to say it, but if you’re not skiing this morning, you made a mistake!  The telemetry said 4" but Chet measured it closer to 7" and Baldes thought Northway was closer to a foot..  And the rest of the mountain’s skiing that way too.  Not a cloud in the sky and even the groomers are poofy.  Double-Oughts Left (left of High Campbell lift line) has dust-on-chunder, but Powder Bowl and Double-Oughts Right over to the A-Basin line are skiing GREAT!


I had kind of an unfortunate start to the day.  I had to pull the ticket of a really nice experienced older skier who made a rookie mistake.  He ducked the ropeline heading in to Bear Pits right off the bat.  His excuse was that he didn’t hear any explosions going off this morning, so he "knew" we weren’t doing avalanche control work.  Whoops!  Control work ,including explosives use, can happen anywhere at any time, so you gotta abide by our closures if you don’t wanna get yourself blowed-up!!!

We started loading chairs at 8:35am and there wasn’t avalanche hazard threatening the groomed runs.  A few minutes later a patroller up in Bear Pits–which showed as CLOSED–was about to light a fuse on a 2-1/2 pound charge when he sees a blue blur below him.   Luckily, he was able to stop before he deployed the charge down to where the poacher-guy was standing.  So then everybody anxious for Bear Pits to open gets to wait while the poacher skis out of harm’s way, and the patroller starts over.

We clipped the poacher’s ticket and let him know that if he tried to buy another one, there would be Criminal Trespass charges in his future.  We take this stuff very seriously!   Imagine what it’s like to have a job where you could get blamed for blowing up somebody’s Dad!

Poacher-guy said it wasn’t fair, but my perspective is THIS:  You made a deadly mistake and only lost a day of skiing–not your life.  See if your family thinks THAT’s fair!


Please pass the word:  We close terrain for reasons you may not anticipate, and the price of violating rules may be higher than you think!.

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