To: Bloggers and Blog-o-philes

I haven’t posted anything or responded much lately because I’ve been illin’!   (Cough, cough, cough!)  This is just a quick message to those who have linked to Crystal’s blog or any of it’s articles.  I’ll be back with some stuff actually pertaining to skiing and snowboarding within minutes!

First, thanks for thinking the Ski Patrol Blog is worthy of mention.  I had no idea so many people would look at it, and REALLY no idea so many people would look at it more than once.   (Shout out to the budz in Poland & Africa!  WTF???)

Second, the charming Stacey Merrick, Director of Client Services as LexBlog, our gracious host, spent some time with me Sunday when she could have been out riding, helping me understand how to be a better blogger.  (Check out her bio page, and the MySpace page of Seattle’s cool professional Double Dutch jump-rope team of which she’s part.  Who’da’ thought?!)


I’m adding "Topics" to past articles so those looking for particular subjects will be better able to find & track them.  Apparently, that means something about each article will change in such a way that old links may not work unless they’re updated.  My apologies if this is an inconvenience to anyone, but it seemed better to do it now, while the archive is still pretty small.

2 thoughts on “To: Bloggers and Blog-o-philes

  1. Thank you so much for the publication of the list of informal place names. If I ever have to call patrol in an emergency I will now be able to pinpoint specifically where I am at on the mountain. Thanks so much for the blog this year.


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