Snow’s Here!

If you haven’t heard, things changed and the skiing is GREAT and getting greater!

If you didn’t anticipate this, you probably weren’t signed up for Larry Shick’s Powder Alert at   (Other fun stuff there, too, in case you can’t shake your commitment to class, coach, cubicle or kids.).

Larry always has helpful advice, such as these sure-fire excuses for getting a day off work.  Give ’em a try!

“Constipation has made me a walking time bomb”

“The dog ate my keys; we are hitchhiking to the vet”

“I won’t be coming into work, I can’t find my clothes”

" That noise in the backgorund is not a chairlift, it’s my iron lung – i am very sick."

" I have been abducted by aliens, they won’t let me leave, but I can still be reached on my cell."

Refer to the Powder Clause in my contract, ” more than six inches of new and I’m gone”


We spent most of yesterday blowing up snow and finished up South this morning by about 10am.  More expected tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Snow’s Here!

  1. robbie

    Corey, what was the low fly over by the fighter jet friday about, a new method to clear potential avalanches. One 500# on the east side of the king ought to bring down anything within a 20 miles radius (and make the tree sking a little better lower down).


  2. Kyle

    I noticed you guys mentioned Warren Miller filming this weekend on the conditions report. What lines did they ski? Any big drops? Did they get out beyond the boundry? No offense to Warren, but his videos are…how you say…a little old school. Will Crystal be featured in any other videos next year?


  3. a local

    Warren Miller has been filming all week and there has been great skiing all week. Whoever make’s the call to open chair 6 to the Warren Miller guys, but not open to the public (Monday) B.S.. Then today they open south but not King. We pay a lot of money to ski at Crystal! It blows that after two months of no new snow now were getting it and can’t enjoy it!!


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