BlueBird Day Complaints

Friday was indeed an amazing day. We woke to nearly a foot of snow and blue skies.  It was the day most skiers dream about.  Yes we did have the Freeride Comp going on in Northway Bowl.  The chair opened late due to shovelling needs at the bottom as well as avalanche control.  It wasn’t held for the competition (only Northway Bowl and Flyin Floyds was held for them).  I can understand if some people don’t like to have the music blaring.  It was unusual for sure.  Personally I kind of liked matching my turns to the music, but it’s not for everyone. I also appreciated how the competition grabbed people’s attention.  I saw some great skiing that day. 

In the Southback, the Warren Miller crew had the use of a helicopter for filming.  They stayed out there all day, and in the afternoon it was open to the public.  A lot of folks were out there too, watching the lines the pros were skiing and enjoying themselves with lines of their own.  It’s hard to imagine that on a day like yesterday there would be much to complain about.  After Avalanche Control duties, I got the rest of the day off and had a blast. 

I think the product we offered yesterday was well worth the price of admission.  Sorry to Bill (the 40 year Crystal veteran) who felt like he wasn’t getting what he wanted.  The forecast looks good for another day like that on Tuesday.  It is snowing hard now and is supposed to continue for the next few days.  Tuesday should be clear and could be another bluebird day.  No competition or pros are scheduled.   Maybe Bill you can give ‘er another try.


4 thoughts on “BlueBird Day Complaints

  1. Keith Henson

    Did the Ski patrol give permission to allow warren miller to film at Crystal? Did the patrol decide to the the free ride competition and close parts of the mountain? for the free ride? Was patrol asked about playing music? I suggest that the patrol blog be limited to issues that pertain more directly to the patrol mission and let the people in marketing/administration deal with the issues like warren miller, getting your money’s worth, etc. When Kim tells us she likes music, that it is unbelievable that someone would complain, that there is more powder in the future, and it was worth $60, it comes off to me as defensive and paternalistic. I really like the ski patrol blog and hope that it stays informative, professional, and focused.


  2. Kyle

    I am going to have to disagree with Keith. This is a forum to discuss all things Crystal as its really the only way we have to communicate openly with the mountain. I love it!
    BTW – I also like:
    1)Blazing music on the mountain (ROCK ON!)
    2)Progressive attitudes that are pushing the boundries of what is possible on skis…ie what you see in ski films (Even though I am not a big WM fan).
    3)Access to the good, when we have new snow, it should be open to all as soon as is reasonably safe.
    4) Young skiers…These guys are the future of the sport, and we should encourage them to keep the sport alive.
    5) Contests – that encourage skiers to try new things, push each other, and celebrate who ever wins.
    6) Terrain parks, one of these days I’ll stop complaining about Crystal’s lack of a park.
    I would encourage all other Crystal employees and management to join in the converation.
    I would love to hear thoughts on the up comming Rap Battle…


  3. Keith Henson

    I love the Patrol Ski Blog. As Kyle can attest, (I’m assuming that’s Kyle Miller (great guy)), I sing its praises on the Turns All Year website.
    I have learned so much from the publications of the lists of names, how patrol makes decisions, and the life of the patroller. I feel that not only is it informative, it has been a great tool for public relations.
    My intention was not to insult Kim but to say that it is unfair that the public would hold patrol responsible or answerable for the complaints mentioned.
    For the record, I can’t wait until the fall to see the Warren Miller movie featuring Crystal and am jazzed that I might be watching Keith Rollins on the big screen at the Pantages… I really dug Alpine Andy’s back flip during the contest and Craig Phillips’ slick announcing of the freestyle event…
    Thanks again for the blog and for all the things patrol does to keep us safe, informed, and the mountain open–especially Kim.


  4. Kyle

    Different Kyle, but I am also on TAY (not as active as Kyle Miller). Totally agree with you…we can’t rip the ski patrol for what’s out of thier control.
    No doubt I will go see the Warren Miller movie next year. Although I expect I’ll be more impressed by Ingrid and Arnie Backstrom’s skiing than some of the other folks on the so-called freeski team. But who knows maybe I’ll be surprised.


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