Wind speed and Direction

In answer to some questions about wind speeds and directions that close chairs, here’s what I can tell you:  Of all the chairs, High Campbell is the most susceptible to wind.  The chairs themselves are light weight and when the wind whips across the top of the ridge it can cause the chair to close.  In fact, there is an anomometer on one of the top towers that turns the chair off automatically when wind speeds reach a certain speed (usually somewhere between 30 – 40 mph).  Southwest wind is the worst for High Campbell.  Rex is also susceptible to Southwest wind.  When the wind blows across the upper towers, it too can get shut down.  The wind speeds, however, can be misleading.  We can withstand strong winds in certain directions.  West or East wind that comes up or down the chairlines is okay.  It is when the winds blows across the line that the chair needs to be closed.  So, to answer the question regarding wind, most often anything 30 mph or above out of the Southwest can cause problems.  East winds are usually okay even up to 50 mph.  West and northwest winds up to 40 or 50 mph can also be okay.  It just depends on how it blows across the line.  We have certain criteria that need to be met in order to run chairs in windy conditions.  Our lift mechanics are very careful in their decisions to run or close the chairs.  Hope that helps.


2 thoughts on “Wind speed and Direction

  1. Kyle

    What a Sunday! Yesterday was so good, so deep, so light…I am still reliving it as I sit is my office wishing I was up at Crystal today. I understand the need to be safe and that operating Chair 6 in high winds could have issues. Is there any plans to replace chair 6? I don’t remember it being in the master plan, but I am not that close to it. I fell the same way about chair 6 at Crystal as I do about the Jackson Hole tram. Its iconic, but should probably get upgraded after the many years of faithful service.


  2. Ken aka Kkz

    Yes, what a day sunday. Kudos for keeping Rex open in the extremely gusty wind. I understand why it was running slow due to wind, but what about the sequencer? Standing in, what would normally be a 2-3 minute line (was 10-15 with the chair running slow), the sequences was breaking 3-4 times with chairs running into each other ’round the bullwheel. A long wait made even longer. Earlier they had an extra op just to push the chairs around the wheel. This has been an ongoing problem on Rex as far back as when the chair was new. Most days this year, at some point during the day, the chair is stopping every run due to the sequencer failing. This does nothing but increase the line length and lines always fails to impress the new-to-crystal skiers. You mentioned a possible C6 replacement in the next few years, when will Rex be fixed so it runs continuously?


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