Avalanche Survey

The Northwest Weather & Avalanche Center has the following at the bottom of it’s weather forecast.

The Avalanche Danger Scale is being revised for next winter.  Please help ensure this product is effective by completing a short survey found at this link:

The instructions say it takes 10 minutes, and that as a token of appreciation for a completed survey, your name will be added to a prize drawing for a North Face Off Chute 22 backpack and several avalanche shovels.

If you spend much time in avalanche terrain, please consider taking the survey, and help them help prevent tragedies by becoming a Friend of the Avalanche Center!


2 thoughts on “Avalanche Survey

  1. wapiti_bob

    Thanks for all the info on the NWAC and the links to the CM weather stations. They are very helpful for forcasting the skiing and avy conditions for the Crystal area. I have a couple of questions. I think the avy beacon receiver at the Northway entrance is a great idea, but it hasn’t been working properly all season. I also think it would be helpful to have one at the gate to the entrance to South or the bottom of Chair 6. I also think there should be signs stating, ride with a patner, carry a shovel and tranceiver at these spots. I’m sure they are expensive, but maybe we could come up with a creative way to help pay for and maintain them.


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