09/10 Season Pass Sale Begins April 1st – No Joke!

Has the state of the economy left you feeling a little blue?  Well, we’ve got something for you that’s worth getting excited about!  Get an adult full-season Quad Pass for as low as $544 when you purchase with 3 other adults.  Similar deals available for youths, juniors & seniors.  Sale begins April 1st and ends May 31st so you must act quickly!

Visit the Crystal Mountain website for details 

Purchase online starting April 1st or in Guest Services April 1-April 19, 2009. 

4 thoughts on “09/10 Season Pass Sale Begins April 1st – No Joke!

  1. Bruckie

    Hey, what’s happening with the blog? It’s gone blank. Nothing is happening on the blog and I, for one, find it a good source of information and interesting. Come on, get those fingers moving and let us know what’s happening.
    And thank you for all the good work. I just wish I could tag along on some of the early morning safety patrols.


  2. Let me get this straight..if we get four people to group up, we all get the discount?
    Wow! If that is the case I am all over this.
    This could quite possibly be the best marketing concept crystal has ever produced.


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