Dirt Bag Ball

It was Dirt Bag Weekend, and if that isn’t an excuse for a blogging hiatus, then I don’t know what is.   We have two new members of Crystal Mountain Royalty.  Sharon Carter was dubbed The Dirt Bag Queen and Ross Gregg was named Dirt Bag King.  They are two very worthy monarchs to add to the growing list of distinguished purveyors of the ski bum lifestyle.  Welcome to the fold!  If you don’t know these two individuals, you can spot them in their new Wapiti Woolies Dirt Bag Royalty hats.  Introduce yourselves.  Get to know the sovereigns of skiing.  

For me, the party was a blast.  Hopefully Corey has some pictures he can post.  He looked expecially fetching in his daisy dukes and pink cowboy hat.  Somehow I lost my boa on the dance floor.  I also woke up with a black eye!  Hmmm. 

The next morning we woke to 13 inches of new snow.  Luckily I had the day off, but most of the crew was out early for avalanche control.  These are the true rock stars.  Of all the heroics you may have seen on the reality show last fall, waking up early Sunday morning after the Dirt Bag Ball to do avalanche control is probably the most laudable.   Give these guys a pat on the back the next time you see them. 

For those of you that missed it, there’s always next year.  For now, we are enjoying February conditions and there’s still more snow in the forecast. 

One thought on “Dirt Bag Ball

  1. kristi

    The ball was ablast. Many great costumes and many great people. The show of force by the law enforcement was a bit much. They looked like the gestapo marching thru. Good to know that the WSP. pierce county sheriff and the rangers are out there taking care of us. Not quite sure we needed it. Just a suggesstion for next year remind us old folks to bring our I.D. Thanks for the great time. Hope you all made lots of money.


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