Whatever Happened to K2 Face

A loong, loooooong time ago somebody asked about the old K2 Face gate, wondering why we moved it so high.


Actually, the K2 Face gate isn’t too high. It’s just not there. In fact, K2 Face isn’t there! Poof–Whole thing—just gone!  Look at your Trail Map.  It vanished!


They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but apparently you CAN teach old patrollers new tricks. Or maybe they learn ‘em on their own.

A few years ago, after looking at accident data and “near misses” in (the area formerly known as) K2 Face, we determined that having a gate there was encouraging the wrong kind of people to go in there. When you’re an Expert skier, steep side-hills can be kind of fun: Swoop, swooooooop, swoop, swooooooooop! 

But Despite the double-diamond EXPERTS ONLY signs, the CAUTION signs, and LONG SLIDES POSSIBLE signs, beginner & intermediate skiers & boarders would go in there and instead ‘tater down into the trees–tumble, tumble, tumble, tumble, crash.   And these weren’t the fun kind of crashes that you laugh and tell your friends about later.  These were painful crashes–the kind that are bad for bodies.  As such, they’re also bad for business.

As we considered what was happening, it occurred to us that anyone challenged by having to approach from the low Bear Pits gate (Shot 1) probably shouldn’t be in K2 anyway. So we took away the gate, took away the name, took away the designation. It’s now just another part of the Bear Pits area. You’re welcome to go there by traversing from the Shot 1 gate or by coming down from the High Campbell chairlift. But please don’t duck the rope line. We don’t look kindly (i.e. we have to pull passes) if anybody puts “sucker tracks” into closed areas or under “Enter Through Gates Only” lines.

So it’s a little bit more of a workout getting to that area now, but if you belong there, I’m sure you’ll be up to the task! 

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