Dirt Bag Ball Redux

OK, I’m finally getting around to giving proper shout-outs for the Dirt Bag Ball, the Patrol’s big annual fundraiser!  If you couldn’t make it, THESE shirts are still available as momentos of what you missed:


First, Muchas Gracias’ to our major sponsors, Pabst and Salomon!  We couldn’t do it without ya’!


Next, thanks to former Queen (IV) Debbie Grubb and Wapiti Woolies in Greenwater, for each years’ sweeet and much-coveted hats that serve to crown the King and Queen!


And also thanks to Mike Brooks and the staff of the Bullwheel for their continuing assistance with venue coordination, and especially with clean up!!!!!   Costumes can be messy and the next morning’s avalanche control might not have been possible without you guys havin’ our backs!


Smith, Salomon (again!) and Ibex provided lots of awesome raffle prizes.  Great companies with great products!!!   BY THE WAY WINNERS, BE SURE TO PICK UP YOUR PRIZES BEFORE CRYSTAL CLOSES SUNDAY APRIL 19th!


And let me congratulate (and bow down humbly in the presence of:) this year’s royalty, dirbag skiers extraordinaire, King Ross Gregg & Queen Sharon Carter, pictured below (in their crowns/hats):

The guys all wish to thank Sharon for letting former Queen (III) Sharon Atinkson talk her into her photographic lobbying efforts.  Let’s hope THAT’s a ritual that continues each year!  (inside joke, inappropriate to explain!)


Cowboys and Callgirls (that was the theme) kickin’ up their heels!


Frequent Powder 8’s Champ Dale  with wife Nancy


Kim & JK livin’ large


Chet, former Queen (II) Jen, & Rich keep an eye on the posse


Adam checks guests’ tickets.  And by the way…ewwww!



To all who supported us this year through buying Dog Shirts, coming to the Dirt Bag Ball, entering the Powder 8’s, buying raffle tickets, contributing schwag for prizes and cash donations, as well as helping out at accidents scenes, picking up fallen signs, staying out of avalanche closures… and buying us pitchers at The Elk & Bullwheel…..OUR DEEPEST THANKS!  

-The 2008-2009 Crystal Mountain Pro Patrol


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