VANOC: Let the Ladies Jump

This week in Vancouver, BC, the top women ski jumpers are in court pleading their case to be allowed to compete in the 2010 Olympics.  VANOC, the Vancouver Olympic Committee adamantly refuses their petition, claiming that it is the IOC, International Olympic Committee, not VANOC that decides which events to allow in the Games. 

The Vancouver Sun reported on Monday that VANOC, “must either put on a ski-jumping event for women or remove the three men-only events being planned for the 2010 Winter Games…In what is becoming an internationally significant case, 15 women ski jumpers have gone to court seeking a declaration that VANOC is violating their Charter rights by refusing to hold an event for them.”

The IOC claims that women are “not ready” to compete in Ski Jumping. Fifteen of the top female competitors beg to differ.  The lawyers for these competitors claim that it is VANOC’s duty to stand up to the IOC and demand that women get to jump. 

Check out VANOC’s website at . Email the committee and support the Ladies who are fighting to compete

You can also electronically sign the petition to show your support at 

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