I Told You so!

I’m too tired to write much right now.  Today was hard work getting everythng open, but rewarding to see everybody having so much fun afterward!  We got Kelly’s Gap, South Backcountry and "short North" (return to base via I-5) open today!   I gotta get to bed now, though, because it looks like it may be a 4:15am wake-up call again tomorrow if all the predicted weather comes in!


Here’s a picture of Jeff (Sorry Jeff, I should have gotten your last name) right as he finished first tracks down the middle of Powder Bowl.  (Funny how flat it looks, huh?)  Pretty sweet turns!   I told you, you shoulda been here today!

4 thoughts on “I Told You so!

  1. jeff

    Thanks Corey! And as always, thanks to the entire Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol for yet another great day.
    Happy Holidays and we’ll see you at the Elk!


  2. mustache marauder

    You guys are doing a great job this year. Thank you
    What is with the rope line above spider man cliffs it seems that every year that goes by there is more and more rope lines. Also the rope line to get to lucky trees goes almost all the way down last year it stopped at the top. You guys do a great job!
    Corey responds: Thanks! We’re tryin’! I’m not familiar with the “Spiderman” name. More details, please!
    Many of the rope lines are longer early season, then get shortened, moved-over, or removed as hazards get covered with snow. Also, sometimes we have to wait for enough snow to accumulate, to hold up the bamboo where we actually prefer to put it.
    If this turns out to be a true “el nino” dry Jan. & Feb., watch for ropelines moving in the WRONG direction as buried hazards lose their snow cover!


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