The Frontside is Shweeeet!

We had an unusual number of little injuries and incidents today and I had to (got to, actually!) rush down "the frontside" (single-diamond "Most Difficult" runs Breakover, Sunnyside and Memorial Forest) three times in a row. 


The snow there has largely fallen under cold temps and SE winds (that’s wind blowing FROM the Southeast) averaging in the 40-50 mph range with max. gusts of 112 mph.  (But it’s the averages that really create the skiing conditions!)   The result is fairly smooth, chalky snow and GREAT skiing.  There are still a few little crunchier patches which I think must be the tops of old icy moguls.   We had a few intermediate skiers feel they were in over their heads on that steeper terrain, but advanced and expert skiers & boarders seem to be having a BLAST!!


If I were you andI didn’t have to work this weekend I’d go skiing.  Wait, I DO have to work this weekend but I WILL be skiing! (Neener, neener)   I hope you can make it up!

One thought on “The Frontside is Shweeeet!

  1. Nick

    I had a great day skiing at crystal friday, but I can’t help but wonder, with all of the great terrain in the northback that all leads down to the one trail near the bottom of the lift, it wouldn’t hurt to groom the trail? The icy moguls there are always present even on huge powder days and it wouldn’t be too bad except for the fact that the run is off fall-line and quite nasty at times.


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