Northway Moguls

Commenter "Nick" wrote in about the steep, side-hill, mogul section at the bottom of Northway.  (He called it "nasty".)


I haven’t heard the official word, but I know the plan for the future is to be able to groom the entire Otto Bahn run someday.  That last, steep, side-hill section, though, may require a winch cat to groom it and last time I checked, those puppies were SPENDY!  It wouldn’t surprise me if it takes a while for the powers-that-be to want to dedicate that much resource to such a small portion of just one run.  But we’ll see.


In the meantime, there is a free cat dedicated to Northway now and most of Otto Bahn is usually pretty smooooth sailin’!  At least when you get down to that short mogul section your legs should be fresher and ready to pound the bumps like a kid! 


Please make note that in the "Keep Everybody Happy for 500, Alex" category, we also hear from people who are steamed that Crystal  has made that terrain more accessible.  They prefer the snow be left in it’s most natural state to discourage those who find that short section too challenging.  With 1,000 acres with one groomed run served by the Northway lift, I think Crystal’s management is doing a dandy job of managing that Expert terrain.  Stay tuned…

One thought on “Northway Moguls

  1. bb

    Well, as a 55 year old with a good chunk of cartilage missing from my right knee, I would like to see that area groomed. For those who argue that it will encourage less skilled riders to use the North Back, grooming that section will have much less impact than installing the chair did. But given the high cost of grooming there, I don’t expect much to happen soon.


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