Olympics Mania

Crystal’s sister resort, Cypress Mountain, is hosting the Olympics.  I’ve been lucky enough to experience the Games as a member of the host venue, and it has been quite an experience.  This first photo captures the debut sport of skier cross.   Surprisingly, no Americans made it to the semi-finals.  I was rooting for the Jamaican (!) who is seen here coming in third place, and thus missing out on qualifying for the next round. 


Here are the Olympic Rings in Whistler Village, where the crowds are abuzz with national pride. 

This next picture is of Steve Kircher (Boyne Resorts), Seth Wescott (Gold Medalist in Snowboard Cross) and John Kircher (GM of Crystal Mountain). 

There’s nothing quite like the Olympic Games to remind me why I love winter so much.  One Olympic medalist I spoke to, Chris Klug, who won the Bronze in Salt Lake for Parallel GS, says there’s just one strategy for participating in the Olympics:  You just have to go for it.  There’s no holding back, because this is the Olympics.  I love that attitude.  Here’s a picture of me and Chris at the U.S. v. Suisse hockey game.

Viva la Olympics!  What an experience!

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