Dirt Bag Ball

As many of you know, the Dirt Bag Ball is just around the corner (March 27th to be exact).  Not only is this a chance to dress in all shades of ski bum, dirt bag, crazy, anything goes attire, but it’s also a chance to crown this year’s Dirt Bag King and Queen.  It takes a special person to be considered dirt bag royalty, and this year we are raising the bar.  Check out the crystal website for specifics, but here’s the short version:  this year’s Dirt Bag King and Queen get a season’s pass for the 2010-2011 season.  Yes, you read that right.  We want to honor those that have sacrificed something in their lives for this sport.  We hope to embolden those on the brink of deciding between a reputable city job (perhaps a significant other, maybe even raising a family) and the good, hard life of being a ski bum.  I mean really.  Would you rather be changing diapers or riding first chair on a powder day?  Because you can’t often have both.  (Although I will hand it to those dedicated few–Liz and Joe come to mind, Doug and Laura, soon to be Chet and Jen–that pass the kid off, taking turns for which partner gets to ski in the morning while the other joins the kid in the play pen.)  

This year, we patrollers want to hear from you.  If you think you are royalty status, then let us know.  Send us your dirt bag resume (this is a C.V. you’d never send into any prospective employers, that is unless you were applying for a job at a ski area).  Again, check the website for the how-tos and where to send your info.  Here’s an insider tip:  ski patrollers are dirt bags too.  (I myself am a former Queen, and mention this fact as often as possible).   So that means we are not above a little campaigning on your part.  One could do worse than bring a case of beer into the patrol room after sweep or shmooze us in other ways (not that I condone such things).   I’m just saying. 

Tickets go on sale in the patrol room later this week.  Get yours fast, because they always sell out.  See you all for the best party of the year!        

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