New Gondola

It’s official!  Next season Crystal will have a new gondola.  It will start at the plaza and go up to the summit of Rex, whisking skiers and sightseers up in just minutes!  This is going to be great, extending the season and creating a year-round resort.  Not to mention, the Summit House Restaurant can be open for dinner.  I, for one, can’t wait to apres ski while watching the sun set behind Mt. Rainier.  Hey, and what a beautiful spot for a wedding. 

2 thoughts on “New Gondola

  1. Does that mean we’ll have mountain biking next summer ?( like we did before). Act fast, cause Stevens ( hopefully ) will ( to say nothing about loosing tons of clients to Whistler every summer).


  2. weekdayrider

    How is a new gondola going to extend the ski season? If this is so I would be very excited. If not, meh. Terrain park too… meh. I guess it could be fun when there’s a two week dry spell, riding corduroy gets pretty boring.


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