Pimpin’ Da Changes

Justus the Snow Phone girl sent me this photo so I could help spread the word about this Summer’s changes at Crystal:


The most dramatic change will be installation of a gondola–the first in the Pacific Northwest (if you don’t count the one in downtown Spokane)–going from the base area, about where The Market currently is, up to the summit ridge near the top of Rainier Express chairlift. 

If you don’t already know, a Gondola has a bunch of smaller cars that cycle continuously, as opposed to a Tram which only has 2 larger cars which run opposite each other.  I think I heard that the plan is for our cars to hold 8 people.

It should be great for sightseers–I don’t think there’s any prettier view of Mount Rainier than the view from the summit of Crystal Mountain!


The other big news is installation of a Terrain Park on Magoo, the trail that runs underneath the Forest Queen Express chairlift.  It’s going to be what we in the biz call a "progressive" park, meaning it’ll have beginner and intermediate scaled features, mainly rails, boxes and jibs.


Imagine the possibilities!





4 thoughts on “Pimpin’ Da Changes

  1. weekdayrider

    Is this going to effect the Grubstake and Throne Traverses Construction Projects?
    Corey Responds:
    Have you ever noticed in politics how candidates get bad-mouthed for changing their minds? It’s like it’s inconceivable that a person can reconsider an opinion after getting more information and receiving more input.
    One of the things that makes working at Crystal kind of exciting, is that John, the General Manager isn’t afraid to change his mind, especially if some new idea comes along that allows even more people to have a good time. Maybe it’s enjoying a fancy meal encircled by a panoramic view of snow-capped mountain peaks. Maybe it’s finally giving grandma and grandpa a chance to safely ride to an alpine summit to see a huge volcano up so close, it feels like you could reach out and touch it. And maybe it’s shelling-out for some man-made features that allow your friends to learn to jib and bonk and throw tricks in an environment that’s not too removed from the rest of their friends and family.
    Kim may pipe-in if she knows more about this than I do, but I would expect that existing plans still remain in place unless better ideas come along. It would make sense that the Throne Traverse project coincide with re-doing the High Campbell chair. I haven’t heard a timeline on that. Some projects may get postponed while other larger projects are completed, but I’d never rule anything out just cuz it’s delayed a little!


  2. Justin

    My wife said ‘a gondola is not a tram…idiot.’ However, Webster states a tram is: a carrier that travels on an overhead cable or rails. Therefore, technically, a gondola is a tram. I stick by my suggestion:
    Tahoma Tram
    Kim responds: In the ski industry we sometimes use the word “aerial tramway” for both detachable gondolas as well as two-cabin trams.


  3. Greenwater Skier

    Know that day when everything you’ve hoped for and more comes true? That was a few days ago when I heard about this announcement. All those dozens of emails, phonecalls, and comments over the years about a terrain park don’t seem pointless anymore. The stoke level is through the roof for us younger Xtal locals!!!


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