What a Day!

Friday and Saturday were our first official "powder days" in a while.  Southback was open yesterday before noon, and Northway was open before nine.  The filtered sunshine made for good visibility without warming up the snow too much.  The Powder 8s went off quickly yesterday morning with great conditions.  This morning, the skies are clear there’s still good snow out there.  Can’t wait to go get some! 

2 thoughts on “What a Day!

  1. cdot

    I whole-heartedly concur. Was the best conditions all year no doubt. Looking forward to saying good bye to El Nino and hello to the new gondola! 🙂


  2. mary

    Hi Kim, yes it was awesome all weekend, however I heard some disturbing news yesterday about a chair falling off of High Campbell last week or week before. Can you address my concerns over the safety of this chair and what is being done to inspect it or assure us that it is in fact safe as well as what is being done to address the overheating motor?
    Kim responds: All fixed grip chairs are designed to be removed from the haul rope by twisting them. This is done when the chair is empty and in the bullwheel. There is a trick to it, and the chair cannot come off when it is loaded and up in the air. That day the chair inadvertantly hit the lift op while he was loading, then hit a tower in the bullwheel. That caused the necessary twisting motion and caused the chair to become disengaged from the cable. This can only happen with tremendous force, when the chairlift is empty and light. The High Campbell Chair is still safe to ride. Otherwise, we would not be running it. Every year our chairlifts are inspected by a third party that must put his or her stamp of approval on them. The grips–the part of the chair that is attached to the cable–get carefully inspected at this time. In addition, it is the ski area’s responsibility to ensure that all chairlifts are safe and running smoothly. This careful inspection is done on a regular basis. Campbell is an oldie, but its still going. Eventually our goal is to replace that chair with a heavier one that can withstand more wind, without increasing the capacity, keeping the slopes from getting tracked out any faster than they already do.
    The motor is being carefully watched and is scheduled to be rebuilt during the off season, although we are weighing our options of doing it sooner. Our very knowledgeable electricians are watching the motor very carefully and recommend that we keep running, but decrease the load if the motor heats up. We may elect to rebuild the motor sooner. Just like all of our lifts at Crystal, High Campbell also has a back-up motor just in case.


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