Conditions Update

Skiing conditions are great right now.  Here’s the liftie’s take on the skiing today.

I cycled the frontside today (I had the day off) and enjoyed perfect corn.  On the north facing slopes, I found chalky, carvable snow.  Later, I had lunch at the Campbell Lodge and worked on my goggle tan.  It was a perfect day.  Thing is, nobody seems to be coming up to enjoy it.  In November, skiers will pay any amount of money to ski on just a few inches.  This time of year, when the conditions are filled in, the snow is easy, and the weather is perfect, I am always surprised by how few skiers and riders come up.  What’s the deal with that???  Better come up now, because in a few months, you’ll have to start climbing Adams just to get a few turns in.  The season isn’t over yet.  Not by a long shot. 

One thought on “Conditions Update

  1. Lisa

    I so agree with you Kim!! The last two days have been just perfect… groomers in the morning till the Frontside softens into corn. BTW – give a shout out to the groomers who’ve been holding the snow together for us all to enjoy!
    Kim responds: Here, here! The groomers have been doing a great job.


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