Gondola Update

Flagged the Gondola line today.  Did it in snow shoes, but we should have worn skis.  There’s still plenty of snow in Green Valley (several feet in places) and no rocks showing through.  Surveyors marked the tower locations a few days ago, and now the sawyers can start cutting the line.  The bottom terminal will be located where the Market used to sit in the plaza (see photos below).  The first six towers will be on Lower Exterminator.  Then the next five towers will start along the bottom of Upper Exterminator, then cut into the treed area between Exterminator and Leo’s Rock (the cliff on Upper Bull below the dogleg), then finally across the top of Upper Bull and Middle Ferk’s.  This middle section of the line should even open some hitherto unskiable terrain, which is a nice bonus.  Tower 12 will sit on the knoll above Middle Ferk’s.  Tower 13 will be just to the right of the tree island in Green Valley.  Towers 14 and 15 will be on either side of the cat track just below the top of Rex.  The top tower will be to the left of the offload area of Rex.  Finally, the top terminal will be located slightly uphill of the old radio building on the ridge between the Summit House and the trail map.  It’s an exciting project and nice to see it come alive. 

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