Gondola Update

Work on the Gondola continues.  Both the bottom and the top terminals are taking shape, while the line is cleared of trees.  Check out these picturs taken today:  The first one shows the new line between Bull and Exterminator.  The second picture shows the top terminal with the top of C-3 in the background.

Bottom Terminal with Gondola Line in the Background

One thought on “Gondola Update

  1. Marc

    What about REX? Doesn’t the top terminal have to be moved down a bit? I’m assuming that can’t be done until summer operations end, although maybe you’ve already started some of the prep work? Would hate for the gondola to be the only way to access the north side of the hill.
    Kim answers: Marc, Rex does not have to be moved. It looks pretty tight in the photos, but its actually about two snow-cat widths wide. With a little dirt work, flattening out the off-ramp a little, I think it will actually be easier than ever to get off Rex. Remember, that those disembarking from the Gondola won’t have their skis or boards on, and they will need a flat spot to get their gear on. All told, it looks like there will be plenty of room up there. No worries.


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