Coming this season: Crystal Mountain Jib Park

I recently caught up with JP Sokolowski, the Jib Park Manager for Crystal Mountain’s new park. JP was nice enough to answer some of my questions, and I have included them here. Any questions for JP, just ask them here. I will forward them on and try to get back to you.

 Kim Kircher:  Tell us a little bit about yourself.  Where are you from?  What experience do you have with terrain parks?

JP: My name is Josh Sokolowski, and I am the new Terrain/Jib Park Manager at Crystal Mountain. I was born right there in Renton and grew up in the South Sound area. My home base is currently Bonney Lake, soon to be Greenwater! I first strapped into a snowboard at Crystal Mountain the record snowfall winter of 98/99. I remember going down Sunnyside as my first run, and to this day, I can’t exactly explain how either terrified or excited I was at the time! Needless to say, I escaped without injury, and fell in love with snowboarding. Ever since, my world has revolved around the adventures of winter season and the culture that it brings. It wasn’t until several years into my snowboarding career that I wanted to pursue Terrain Parks. I always had the goal of "making it big" one season and have always wanted to push my own limits, therefore, Terrain Parks began to have a huge influence in my life. In 2006 I traveled to New Zealand where I concentrated on my riding and helping out when I could. After the season’s finale, I returned stateside to Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah where I got onboard with their renowned Terrain Park Department. Soon, I realized that snowboarding was all I wanted to do, and to sustain that lifestyle, I thus had to follow the snow. I bounced back and forth from Park City and New Zealand for several years where I worked with amazing Terrain Park Departments and crews. If you asked me years ago, I would have told you that I would have never thought to see the day that Crystal Mountain would be doing a Jib Park! And now, that is a reality, a childhood dream come true to say the least!

Kim:  Where will the jib park be, and what will it be called?

JP:  The Sasquatch Jib Park is going to consume the Mr. Magoo run, located just beneath the Forest Queen Express chair. I believe it was Justus Hyatt’s suggestion to name it Sasquatch, adequately named after the elusive Pacific Northwest Native. It was agreed on instantly and we haven’t looked back since!

Kim:  What’s special about the Sasquatch Park?  How many features will it have?


JP: What makes the new Park unique is that its going to be strictly Jib (Rail & Box) focused, no jumps. The run itself could be a great location for jumps, but as it sits right now, the run needs to undergo a full re-grade before jumps are considered. However, that shouldn’t hinder your opinion of the new plan! With the absence of jumps, I am planning to have around thirty features in the snow. Ranging from all levels of difficulty, length, and caliber. Boxes, rails, bonks, butter pads, and good times will all be in abundance!

Kim:  Why is the Sasquatch Park so good for Crystal Mountain?


JP: The new Jib Park will round out the terrain at Crystal Mountain. Growing up riding at this mountain, the terrain couldn’t be any better. The new Jib Park adds a new element to the equation, and balances the scale between the freeriding exploration and Terrain Park progression.

Kim.  Thank so much. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about it?

JP: Having a good Park is potentially a resort’s backbone, offering fun and adventure even when the conditions aren’t the best, and that’s what I see the Sasquatch Jib Park doing. As a Pacific Northwest Native, my personal goal is to build and maintain the most innovative and progressive Jib Park in Washington State.   I look forward to taking some laps through the new park this season, and I hope to see you up there!

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