New this season: Bootworks and Demo Center

Boots hurting you?  Can’t take another run because the shin-bang is killing you?  Curious about changing your stance?  Don’t call ski patrol (unless, of course you are injured and thus, yes, do call us right away), go see Martin Rand and the new Bootworks and Demo Center at Crystal Mountain.  That’s right.  The Martin Rand, formerly of Sturtevants, is relocating to our very own Crystal Mountain. 

He will be taking over the space formerly used as ski school check-in just off the playpen and adjacent to the ski rental office.  So you can, literally, ski to his office.  No longer will you have to bring your boots into a shop in town, try to recreate the bone-crushing twang by clomping on the carpet and showing him the spot on your boot that hurts.  Now you can identifty the culprit on the hill, swing in for a quick adjustment and be back out in no time.

Martin will also offer custom footbeds, custom liners, all the custom goodies you want, ski boot demos, ski demos, in addition to his warm smile and hyper-enthusiasm for all things skiing. 

Last Spring, Martin joined my husband, John, and I on the Haute Route, where many touring the classic route survived on moleskin and athletic tape.  At night, skiers limped around the huts, their red heels blistering.  Then Martin came to the rescue.  Macgiver-like with duct tape and a little foam from his backpack strap, Martin improved the lives of several members of our group.  By the end of the trip, they were bowing to him on their knees.

Martin has been fitting my boots for years, and he’s a master.  I wouldn’t trust my feet to anyone else.   

And what does this have to do with ski patrol and the ski patrol blog you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  People with happy feet ski better.  They are less prone to injury and they are just happier in general.  When you aren’t trying to muscle your skis around because your boots are doing the work for you, your knees are less likely to get tweaked.  So that means fewer accidents.  From the ski patrol point of view, anything that reduces accidents is a winner.

But from the skiers point of view–which for a moment I will step into–this is wicked awesome.  There’s no such thing as a boot that fits right out of the box.  When I was a kid, just learning to ski, I thought the Wide World of Sports intro with Vinko Bogataj’s famous "agony of defeat" fall was really talking about skiing’s agony of de feet.  But ever since I met Martin, I’ve seen the light. 

Halleluah Ladies and Gentlemen.  Halleluah. 


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