Practice Makes Perfect

In the very unlikely event of a gondola evacuation, the ski patrol would come to the rescue.   Last week a few of us patrollers practiced with the new ZipRescue system.  It’s basically a zipline that attaches to the haul rope, allowing patrollers to evacuate passengers.  We practiced on Rex on

one of the last sunny days of the Fall.  It was a beautiful day, and riding the line was much like riding a zipline.  In fact, the ZipRescue company also manufactures the ZipTour system, which we would love to have at Crystal.  (Think extreme zipline from the Summit to the Base).  Check out their website at:

2 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Yes, that’s Brent in the first photo (and me in the second). And yes, I think he was having a good time. The ziprescue is much like a zipline. If it weren’t for those pesky chairs along the line, the ride would have been a blast!


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