What It Takes to be a Ski Patroller

This winter season will mark my twenty-first year as a ski patroller.  Funny how the winters have racked up like old-school cassette tapes tumbling out of a glove box–each one it’s own unique mix, but not stacked in any particular order.  I recently had the honor of guest blogging over at the Epic Thrills blog about what it takes to be a ski patroller and thought many readers here would be interested.  If so, click on the link below.  While it doesn’t require a Master’s Degree, nor does it follow a certain career path, patrolling requires specialized skills, as well as a healthy cost/benefit analysis (simply put: less money, more skiing). 

Epic Thrills is an adventure experience company, offering "modern adventure trips and elite experiences."  Check out my post at http://epicthrills.tumblr.com/.

One thought on “What It Takes to be a Ski Patroller

  1. Caroline Resnik

    Has it been that long? I remember when you started. I also started young (17)as my father was only sending me to college but not supporting my ski habit. Funny how addictive it becomes as I am still volunteering after 45 years.


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