Gentlemen Ski Bums

Thought I’d take a moment after my recent rant to give a shout out to all the gentlemen waiting at Northway Gate 2 last week.  Picture this:  first day of opening North, the gates were packed ten deep, everyone waiting to be the first to jump in.  I waited at the top of Northway for the last two avalanche control teams to finish their routes.  A call came through that the teams had only a shot or two left.  I hiked up to Gate 2 (the Northway Peak gate) to get ready.  

Kyle Miller and a few other gentlemen-ski bums jostled at the gate.  They all moved aside and listened while I warned of "early season conditions".  This isn’t so unusual, I suppose.  What struck me was the conversation amongst them.  All ten guys–some on boards, many on skis and ranging in age–agreed to be "gentlemen" once I opened the gate.  They promised each other they wouldn’t be jerks, pushing each other over for a chance at first tracks.  The group decided there were enough lines for all of them.

As much as the frenzy of a powder day might add to the stoke at a ski area, I like the idea of being gentlemen (or ladies, as the case may be).  Because really, there usually is enough for everyone, as long as no one breaks the unwritten rules.  So here’s a call for more guys like Kyle and the others waiting at Gate 2 last week.  Bravo, Gentlemen.  Bravo.  

One thought on “Gentlemen Ski Bums

  1. CMer

    Sounds like somebody has a crush on Kyle Miller! 😉
    BTW… I was at gate 1 and we behaved very civilly too, with the exception perhaps of Eric Pederson, who as usually was up to his typical antics! 😉
    Kim responds: No I don’t have a crush on Kyle. I’m the old married woman on the patrol. Besides single women at a ski area don’t need to bother with having a crush. In fact, its always my job to warn the new women to be choosy. As they say, for gals at a ski area “the odds are good, but the goods are odd”. No offense Kyle.


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