Today a bunch of us got to step away from the normal duties of patrolling to help the crew building the gondola at the summit.  After lifting some huge metal beams (girders?) into place, and transferring a the pile of metal grates upon which you will walk once you disembark the gondola, we got asked to dig about 6 feet of drifted snow away from two transformers and an electrical vault outside the Summit House.


I started shoveling alone, hoping to shame newbie patrollers Forest and Liz into asking if they could take over for me so I could sit back, drink a little coffee, and enjoy my favorite meal of the day:  snacks!

But along comes General Manager John Kircher, shovel in hand, pretty much moving as much snow as the three others of us combined.  I guess he’s probably had lots of chances to get good at shoveling snow over the course of his life.


If you’ve ever wondered why we have that little roped-off "Keep Out" area outside the restaurant, it’s because heat from the transformers creates a little snow cave that we don’t want anyone to step in to unexpectedly.


After work, we all went up to the Bullwheel (restaurant and bar) to celebrate Anna’s birthday.  I gotta say, she represented!

John showed up again, this time ordering Anna an over-the-top custom drink with what appears to be the maximum amount of "flair" an alcoholc beverage can have.  Ya’ had your cherries, oranges, lemons & limes, an array of too-many straws, and I think there may have been some umbrellas and little swords in there too.  My picture didn’t do the drink justice because I wanted to get her face in it too, but it was chock full o’ stuff.  


 With all the work there was to do today nobody had a chance to ski much, but we got to pretend we were part of the burly construction crew, and the boss bought us booze.   Who can complain about that? 

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