Easy Searcher

Do you want to test your transceiver skills?  Are you sure your backcountry skiing partner could find you if disaster strikes?  Come to the Campbell Basin Lodge and practice your beacon skills at the Easy Searcher.  Bring your partner and put him or her to the test, too.  After all, he or she needs to find you if you get buried. 

On the left side of the restaurant (facing High Campbell Chair) our transceiver practice area, known as the Easy Searcher, is up and running.  All you need is a beacon (probes are provided, or use your own so you don’t have to hike back up to the top afterwards).

But don’t be fooled by the name.  The Easy Searcher is not all that easy, especially if you are still learning how to use a beacon.  If so, feel free to stop by the patrol building and ask for some pointers.  Instructions for using the Easy Searcher are posted at the top (near the west door of the Campbell Basin Lodge).  Three different skill levels utilize one to four beacons at once.  Several signals increase the difficulty rating.   

Whether starting out or just getting the rust off, take the time to stop by the Easy Searcher and practice your transceiver skills.  If you ski in the backcountry, it just might save someone’s life.      


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