Hello, I’m a Crystal Mountain Traverser

My name is Christina and sometimes I like to traverse.  I start cursing when I’m skiing a waist deep line off the Throne in flat light and double eject onto a traverse track put in by people just skiing the lower field.  But on the other hand, I thank our traversers, when I’m jonesing to get to Brand X and the Penny Dawgs Highway has been punched.  So, I guess my point is we traverse a lot here at Crystal–I mean can you say I-5 or the trail to South?  But it is important to be respectful of where we put in the traverse and look out for them on our fall line descents.  One more thing, the traverse through the A-Basin gate all the way under every avalanche path on the North side of the King needs to stop!  It is not safe or efficient.  Let’s just put an end to that one.  And when you have the time to hike just do that– it is a better run and puts tracks in some avi starting zones which keeps the snow in place.    Photo: "to hike or traverse?"  by Chris Morin

One thought on “Hello, I’m a Crystal Mountain Traverser

  1. milo

    Christina : …..it seems the ‘traverse’ has function as a vehicle for access (w/o loss of altitude), or it can be a frivolous item when used as a means of descent (w/o use of attitude)…
    the traverse is oriented ‘normal’ to the fall line but I fail to see it as a reasonably normal approach to slope descent…it seems that traversing is the ‘flatline’ attitude toward descent ; ya know, sort of parallel to that mental state that accompanies use/enjoyment of a rocking chair…
    the ‘float’ or anti-gravity sensation that I seem to experience during powful fall-line descent is the essence of the snowsport, it seems…those traversers that pervasively punctuate the the snow throughout the fall-line expanse may explain their experience in a different blog passage (perhaps there is an ostentatious element invovled)…
    of course, there are physical limitations controlling how an individual may make their descent and ‘choices’ may be few…so, it may be popular among all Crystalites if someone would accept the challenge and ‘cut-in’ the traverse from the top of #6 to the stageing area for ascent to southback, such that boarders wouldn’t have to unbuckle and skiers could glide…(the elevation and grade seem accomodating..)
    Conclusion : At times, it seems that traversing is the ‘sideways’ appraoch to good living…


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