Conditions Report

 With the low off the coast this past week, clocking bands of moisture across Western Washington, the weather has been a mixed bag.  We’ve had strong winds, sunny days and everything in between.  Through it all, the snow has stayed soft and chalky.  

Certain places, such as the SE side of the throne,  are showing some wind-effect.  

While, in other spots (my secret stash, for instance) there are still some fresh lines to be found.

It looks like the weather is about to change, with a band of moisture coming through this weekend at higher freezing levels, then lowering down next week for a cool, northwesterly flow (the best for producing cold smoke).  So look forward to a nice Christmas gift coming our way.

4 thoughts on “Conditions Report

  1. Peter,
    The new lift status signs should be up and running soon. I expect the sign at the bottom of Rex any day now. The signs are operated from the patrol dispatch, so the information will be accurate and up-to-the-minute. Look for a post here when they go live.


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