Rock Climbing Shutterbug

Great day-off skiing for me today!  A couple of runs High Campbell and South were so good my companion said she needed a smoke and a cuddle when we got back to the bottom of the chair.


I saw a guy named Bissell doing THIS today on Rabbit Ears.  I thought it looked cool so I snapped a picture of it.   I think he was setting up a shot of his friend skiing below him.




3 thoughts on “Rock Climbing Shutterbug

  1. kevin

    its the holidays what happen to the spirt of it? People fighting to get on lifts what is that 4second difference gona make to your 24 hour day?dude driving his BMW like he stole it how silly do you when I pull up 2 seconds behind you? I wonder how many people you almost killed today. I love you crystal but I don’t know what got into people today good for you bad for me ill see you next year


  2. Kevin,
    I know what you mean about the agro skiers the past few days. This is supposed to be fun, people. Lets all leave the anxiety and go-go mentality in the city and come to the mountains to enjoy the snow and ski. Because if a person can’t be happy up here, with all this fresh snow, beautiful views and great lift system, then you can’t be happy anywhere.


  3. kevin

    This is true I can’t wait for the holidays to pass so I can have a sick day mid week and enjoy the greatness to myself…..selfish? Sure why not closest thing I have to a private mountain


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