A Little History

I really should be out skiing right now, rather than chillin’ at home surfing the internet.  It’s my day off and my feet are a little sore from too many long days-in-a-row in ski boots.

 I was looking around on Google Earth and found myself somewhere over upper Michigan, so I thought I’d swoop down to take a gander at Boyne Mountain & Boyne Highlands, the first two ski (and now also golf) areas owned by the Kirchers who also own Crystal.


This doesn’t have much to do with Ski Patrolling or skiing/riding at Crystal, but I thought there might be other history/random-fact nerds like me who might find THIS interesting.  It’s a hodge-podge of videos from some Michigan sports network, featuring interviews with John Kircher’s dad Everett, where he talks about the early days of developing the American skiing business.  My parents worked in the ski business during those years too, so I grew up hearing stories about some of the same people Everett hung out with.  (Though MY only actual brush with fame was getting kissed when I was a little kid by Olympian Kiki Cutter, the first American of either gender to win a World Cup title!–blush! )

Anyway, it’s interesting to hear Everett’s passion for skiing–even as a codger, how he created markets for a sport hardly anyone knew about, and how his inventions and innovation kept struggling businesses (like Crystal was when Boyne Resorts bought it) from failing.  Definitely worth a watch!


OK, still time to go get in a few runs!



One thought on “A Little History

  1. Corey,
    Thanks for posting this link. Of course, I’ve seen many of these videos, but there were still a few new ones for me. My husband, John, is a pretty modest guy and doesn’t often “toot his own horn”. Thanks for doing it for him.


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