Here Comes the Snow

After a few days of bright sun and chaulky, cold snow, we are headed once again into a more normal Pacific Northwest winter weather cycle.  A warm front will move into the area Wednesday, spreading moisture at higher snow levels.  Looks like we might go as high as 5000 feet, then right back down by the weekend.  There is even talk of snow in the city by Saturday.  Check out these forecast discussions: NWAC and NOAA for more information.  We’ll be starting our snow dances up here now.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Snow

  1. Fran Sallans

    Kim, You seem to know a lot about Crystal Mountain. I am thinking of coming up there to try it out. I live in Texas and usually ski in Colorado and New Mexico. I like skiing there because the snow is great and it is close to me. Crystal Mt is so close to the ocean does this make the slopes icy like on the east coast? The snow is so dry where I ski you can’t form it into a snowball. I was also thinking of trying Whistler as well can you give me any information on these places. I spoke to a Canadian and she didn’t like Whistler. She said it was too icy. Thanks.
    Kim responds: the snow quality varies widely at Crystal. Often, like right now, the snow is quite dry. Last week it rained Noah’s Ark-style. With our steep terrain, the wetter snow helps to keep the snowpack smooshed into the rocks. The moderate temps also keep the snow more stable.
    Having said all that, Crystal has amazing terrain, with snow that allows one to ski it all. The snow here is much like the snow in Whistler–however if you are looking for a resort-type experience, Whistler is the place. Crystal is very quiet mid-week and experiences most of its business on the weekend. If you are looking for an un-crowded playground and aren’t considered with night life, Crystal’s the place.
    Let me know if you have any further questions.


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