Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Blog Crystal Needs a Face LIft

The Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol Blog has grown tremendously in the past few years, and we are looking at making a few changes.  It is still unofficial, but while we discuss it internally, I thought it would be helpful to ask all you for suggestions.  What would you like to see here?  Do you still want to have patrol related posts?  More posts from the operations side of things to let you know what’s going on? How about non-employee perspectives and stories about people’s experience on the mountain? More photos? 

Let us know what you want to see here and we’ll tweak the blog contents to meet your needs.  

7 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Blog Crystal Needs a Face LIft

  1. 100milesperburrito

    it might be cool to have a area map with some avalanche forecasts directly posted from the NWAC. possibly a video and photo archive for all Crystal patrollers to contribute to if they want. anyway, just a few suggestions! thanks for writing!


  2. schlemans

    I definitely read and appreciate everything you post here. It would be great to hear more on the ops side. When C6 or Rex are misbehaving, it would be good to know why and what’s being done to fix them. I know that’s not a ski patrol issue, but if you have information, please share it. I’m always interested to hear about avalanche risks, control work, and status of various parts of the mountain. Without giving away too many secrets, how about giving suggestions for exploring the mountain–runs that people wouldn’t necessarily find by using the run map. I promise not to tell anyone. Thanks!


  3. I’m very happy with the content of this blog. Thank you for the effort that you put into it! If I had to suggest something, I’d say that photos are always a bonus. I also like the posts that respond to operations related complatins/rumors/etc. For example, what’s the story with the sequencer on REX? Is the rumor about a C6 replacement true and how soon will that be?
    But if nothing changed, I’d still read regularly! Thanks!


  4. Mary

    How about starting with fixing broken links. I use a Mac so not sure if it is a browser issue but you should check the links using both platforms regardless. Four out five links are dead.
    Kim responds: Mary, Thanks for letting me know. Which links? The blogroll? I have a Mac too, and will test them out. One of the changes we are considering is transferring to our blog contents to a different server such as WordPress, which will take care of these kinds of problems.


  5. Re Blogroll links:
    The Kim Kircher Blog link doesn’t work
    The Kkz Ski Blog link works but there is a newer address ( I can help with that one)
    Northwest Ski Report site went out of business this year
    The Winter weather link is dead.
    Also, the “Corey” link in his posts goes to the CM homepage
    I enjoy the posts here, informative, and geared more towards harder core skiers. Some more background info on lift status, rumors, and exploring different areas of the mountain would be cool. Nice to keep it talk for skiers, not marketing hype. It would be nice to have a Contact link for asking questions.
    Thanks for asking, and the good work you do.
    Kim responds: Thanks for the heads up Ken. The problem with all the blogroll links is that (…) is added to the end of all of them. I am working on how to remedy this. Meanwhile I’m adding this to my list of grievances about this server.


  6. mary

    The links under the title “LINKS”
    Kim responds: Mary, there’s a gremlin in our blog adding (…) to the ends of our links on the blogroll. Still figuring out a solution here…


  7. Long time skier

    Please keep it to postings by Crystal employees/patrol only re operations, news, advice and updates. Everyone thinks they can write an epic and that they have a unique story. If you invite stories you will be forced to read tons of poorly written “whoa, I had an awesome day dude let me tell you about it and show you my photos that rock too” submissions. If you want to include that stuff please put it on another link somewhere where the rest of us don’t have to read it. Thanks!


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