Future Ski Patroller

 Today my step-daughter, Evelyn, shadowed me on the hill. She says she wants to be a ski patroller someday, and who am I to discourage her? Evelyn enjoys even the most mundane of ski patrol skills: cleaning rope lines. "Hey look Kim, a rope line. Can we go clean it?"

"Sure," I tell her. "But didn’t we already clean that one this morning?"

Today, she got an even greater pleasure–we buried her in a hole for the dogs. Christina and I put her in a snow cave, shoveled in the entrance and let Newman search for her. He found her in two minutes.

When I asked her how it was, she said it was "Awesome", and Newman’s handler, Lynn, was quite proud. Looks like I have a new shadow.

One thought on “Future Ski Patroller

  1. Bill

    Good job Kimmer on passing on the Passion and the love of the hills.
    Remember they don’t care how how much we know, until the know how much we care.
    Turn well “Shadow”


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