Get Your Jib Park On

 A dear sweet goodbye to the old Mr. Magoo run, and welcome to a younger more active model- the Jib Park.  For all of you that loved skiing the rolling run of Magoo things have changed; skis are fatter, clothes are brighter (almost back to 80’s neon’s), and there are features all over Magoo.  On snowy days the Jib Park remains closed until all the features are visible and marked.  Please respect this closure so it gives the park crew time to work and doesn’t put you at risk of hitting a snow covered rail.  You will know it is closed because there are only two entrances to Magoo- through the gate at the top of the face or the wooden arch gate.  If these are closed then the entire run is closed.  And one more thing– if the gates are open but features are not ready to be jibed on- for an example a day where it is snowing heavily, please be careful and remember you are in a terrain park not a "normal" ski run.


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