Mt. Hood Meadows Avalanche

We’ve been hearing reports from people coming in from the backcountry (the true, non-avalanche-controlled backcountry) that conditions feel "solid" out there.  This causes us some concern as we record some significant results while doing avalanche control within the ski area.

If you need some motivation to pay attention to persistent weak layers deeper down, take a look at these spectacular photos from Mt. Hood Meadows the other day!  (Here’s one "teaser" showing the bottom of the Heather Canyon chair.)

Also, check out Kim Kircher’s blog about recent avalanche activity throughout the PNW, including a big’un by Ted’s Buttress, up above the ski club lodges behind Parking Lots C & D).  

Be Safe!

3 thoughts on “Mt. Hood Meadows Avalanche

  1. John Penxa

    Sadly this doesn’t surprise me. Did you see Shuksan’s Arm dam near climaxed yesterday?!? “Solid” out there… WHATEVER!!!!


  2. Sam Smith

    Look at the pics of the 2.5 mile run out of that Heather Canyon slide at Meadows on the NWAC picture page. Very impressive! Skiers are in that path every day the canyon is open. There’s no probe long enough to get to the bottom of that debris tongue!


  3. Ben O'Leary

    @Corey – The probe is a 50lb charge from the Heli. mmm repeat as necessary. Ha just kidding. But I am very impressed by these photos. I thought it was weird hearing about 1.5ft slides on cookie ridge Sunday but this is just incredible, and I guess that explains the mid day closure of bear pits. Thanks for the information Corey.


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