Dirtbag Ball: Highlights, Winners and Embarrassing Photos!

When my friend Jason, a first-time Dirbag Baller, asked if I’d be embarrassed if he wore pink fishnets and a feather boa, I had to laugh. Not by a long shot. Not in a million years.

The 10th Annual Dirtbag Ball was another amazing event, and we couldn’t have done it without our fabulous sponsors. Give it up for Crystal Mountain, Salomon, Maui Jim, Pro Ski, Helly Hansen, Smith, OR, Mountain Hardwear, SuperFeet and many more!! Also, let’s hear it for Mike Brooks and his entire team at the Bullwheel. Thanks guys for making everything run smoothly. Most importantly, though, let’s all thank Lisa Poncelet. Without her tireless efforts the Dirtbag Ball would slip away like our snowpack during a three-day rain event. 

The costumes this year were even more spectacular than ever. If that’s even possible. From fiery rockers to raunchy rockettes, and everything in between, party-goers this year were ready to indulge in some seriously twisted alter-ego fantasies. Here’s a montage:


This year’s Dirtbag King and Queen, Cory Peterson and Jesse Cartwright, really topped the charts in overall dirtbagness (was that really a pair of girl’s panties that fell out of Cory’s costume as he got up on stage??). These are two very deserving new members of Parliament.

Cory is enjoying his 21st year at CM–enough time to learn all three disciplines: tele, alpine and snowboarding. He still rides in Sorels, and his dirtbag moment this season was pilfering John Kircher’s left over boot liners out of the garbage and putting them into his new Sorels.

Jesse has been skiing at Crystal for 23 years (since she was three!). She’s a real local, and recently joined the ranks of true dirtbagdome by quitting her job last fall in anticipation of the La Nina season at Crystal. She’s spent much of the season in the back of her Ford F250 in the parking lot. Jesse alternates between her K2 Hell Bents and Obsetheds, and enjoys her Full Tilt Soul Sisters. 

Welcome 2011’s Dirtbag King and Queen! Wear the hat with pride!

Last, but not least, I would like to announce the major prizes from the 54 raffle winners. (Thanks Brent Okita for pulling the winning names in this TOTALLY LEGIT contest!) 

Salomon Rockers: Brian O’Leary

Maui JIm Sunglasses: Corey and Liz

Pro Ski Full Season Tuning: Keith, Tim, Sherry, Vince

…and congrats to everyone else who won Jackets, Packs, Superfeet, Boot Fitting & Orthotics, Goggles, Shirts & Gloves (and more!) from our generous sponsors!

Thanks again to everyone for putting on such a fun, wholesome, wild event. 



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