Can’t Stop Til You Get Enough: Don’t put away those skis just yet!

Even though the days are getting longer and the bikini downhill is just around the corner (show up 

this saturday and race for a season’s pass), the regular season is coming to a close on Sunday. The last day of the season has always been a moment of passage, a demarkation embedded at the tail end of each year, marked by spooling up rope lines, gathering arm loads of bamboo, one last trip up the King if I’m lucky, and perhaps a beer on the deck at the end of the day.

But this year will be different. 

We are staying open on weekends until June 12th and longer if conditions allow. For the first few weeks, we’ll be open Thursday through Sunday, then Friday through Sunday and finally just Saturday and Sunday. 

We haven’t yet had anything even remotely close to spring skiing, so I’m hoping that by extending the season we’ll get a good corn cycle and I can, at long last, start working on my goggle tan. 

The plan is to run the Gondola, Rex, Green Valley, Chinook, Forest Queen and High Campbell. Northway will close this Sunday.

So even though we aren’t officially closing this weekend, we’re still enjoying our "end of the regular season" activities. Remember, skin to win on Saturday at the Bikini Downhill. You could win a Bronze Pass for next season! Plus, if you’re ever thinking about running for Dirtbag Royalty, it’s not a bad item to add to your resume. Just saying!

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